Mexico Dreampad

The evolution of our dream to build a family surf / party / gathering / sanity spot on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Christmas in paradise. The fruits of our labor are beyond expectation.

Waking up the first morning:

First morning coffee:

Sunrise became my favorite time of day…

Soundtrack: cacophony of bird song)

Approach to house: (BBQ palapa on the left)

Tequila farm coming:

Path up to the house lit at night:

Bryan’s home away from home away from home: (The BBQ Palapa)

High tech meets lo-fi…  

(power still not hooked up, so Ipad’s are a must for reading in the dark!)

And of course….the draw for it all…….

Next: find, make, build!

Headed down this Sunday to start our life at VistaMariposas :-0

Renting truck for the shopping trip to Guadalajara. Going to the artisan villages around the old colonial city to source the basic stuff we’ll need for the first two weeks of our jungle beach life… ideas below…

And OK, some buying may be necessary…

Lo-fi life will have some high tech goodies:

Color! Inspiration from Mexican masters and some ideas….

OK, with such great Mexican’s to be inspired by, how far do we go?

Testing colors in sun light and shade inside: Azul Anil - or “Frida blue”.

Rosa Mexicana:

The Tabasco color goes nicely with the bark of the Papelillo trees.


Interior downstairs will be mostly painted bright white or finished concrete:

With bursts of color here and there:

Before                                                  After?

The back of the kitchen wall has a concrete shelf, thinking to highlight it with a contrasting color? Aqua or Lime? Leaning lime right now….

The lime feels “new” but we are digging the contemporary feel it brings to our project.

A small amount, but big impact, no?

Oh, and here is another way we plan to add color as well as modernity, a few of these upstairs in the concrete palapa:

Comments welcome friends! :-)


The little palapa on the left is Nacho’s Bar and Grill: 

Nacho our groundskeeper is building us a BBQ area

with seating and a pizza oven.

Bryan’s home away from home away from home :-)


Here is the kitchen, ready for appliances etc to go in.

Blacksmith coming today to discuss the big door that covers the 

"kitchen box"  from "wandering" appliances and hungry jungle critters.

Reverse angle of island with coffee cup still life.


The little line marks true north in green marble.


Transition from indoor bathroom to outdoor

shower in the stone tower:

That’s it for now, more to come soon!!!

Even holier crap.

Bryan just went down for a few days to go over punchlist. He called this morning at sunrise,  voice bursting with joy.

Kitchen island, facing breakfast view. Yup that’s where we’ll be having morning coffee!

Living area from entrance spot.  View to the northwest. Kitchen wall is up, with shelf on the back. Decks are in and flush with newly poured concrete floor. Looks like there will be room for dining table between kitchen area and deck :-)

Propertyline side back towards Palapa living space.

Front side of the house, stairs up to landing.

That little landing wall is getting painted hot pink, and we are considering tiling the risers to the stairs, check out the comp below:

Paths and house almost done, just missing “stick” tower surrounding the outdoor shower, and paint.