Mexico Dreampad

The evolution of our dream to build a family surf / party / gathering / sanity spot on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.


A work of art to stare up into….

Skeleton of the kitchen growing.

The living space.

Ahh, the view from the living area, decks ready to go in.

Starting the decks.

Jungle side of the house, facing east.

Pebble rug going into circle in the landing.

Roof is on!

Palapa palm frond roof completed. Took 2 1/2 weeks.

Lighting is going in the little crack between the stairs and the wall.

Tinacos for cisterns. Water is out of sight, but quite crucial…

Pictures in my inbox today. Very very happy.

Thank you Jaime!

Stonewall will surrounds the outdoor shower.

Perhaps we should call it “The Eagle’s Nest”.

Bathroom “rug”!

A bathroom sink coming into form…

Retaining walls along paths…

The Barbecue and Pizza Oven Palapa - currently Nacho’s “hotel”.

Brother-in law Michael’s pictures of the family visit to the property mid-construction:

Sunset from nearby beach, Nanzal end of Sayulita.

Our beach (Playa Monterrey) view to the south.

View to the north. (on very clear days you can see the Sierra Madre’s clear to San Blas.

Stairs from downstairs enclosed area ( bathroom, outdoor shower, storm room and storage and utilities) to upstairs open living area and kitchen. Phew, big relief I’d been worried that the stairs were a tad too narrow, but with Ana in there for scale they look just fine!

Property line and view to the ocean side.

View from bathroom window. Imagining brushing my teeth here…

The entire upstairs area, Palapa roof is going on top of the frame above the columns.

View from the upstairs living area.

View from the opposite direction, small deck is being built off this edge, for morning coffee.

Up into the trees.

Pathway down from the main house. Off to the right here is where the grill and pizza oven is going.

Nacho’s maize crop on the property ;-)

Bathroom details…

Chicho’s drawings with our comments overlaid:

Outside shower detail:

Outdoor shower surrounded by stone, something like this:


Inspiration for shower faucet: water coming straight out of the stone wall:

Floor of outside shower, half stone and half wooden deck:


Stone “rugs” to create grip and avoid slipping on the wet concrete floors:

Sink: Gonna hand pour our own version of  this out of concrete.